About me

Welcome to my website gallery. My name is Kerry Broomhead - Brown. I am a painter, I am English born and living in the Netherlands.

 After finishing my studies in art and art and craft in South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, England, I began to paint professionally (1988 / 89). During this time I came to live in the Netherlands.

My studies consisted of painting in various mediums, wood carving, printing and working in various other materials. It is easy to say what has inspired my artistic side: having parents who are musical, technical, as well as artistic has obviously gone a long way to developing my creative nature and those of my brothers and sister.

One mayor source of inspiration for me as an artist has been travel. Initially I traveled with my family during the time my father was in the Air Force; later on in life I explored large areas of Britain and Europe, meeting many people along the way and experiencing many of their different cultures. At the moment the human form expressing loving emotions plays a great part in my work - such as the paintings 'Caring' or 'Sharing'. My earlier work tended to reflect less personal emotions. Those earlier pieces are signed Kerry Brown. My work after 2004 is signed Kerry Broomhead - Brown, as I decided to take on the surnames of both my parents.

As to my paintings: they develop from small sketches, which are enlarged, drawn onto wood, canvas, canvas hardboard or paper. Colours are often chosen as I paint, images may come and go until I am satisfied with the overall look of the painting (which I felt has to have some kind of balance). I paint mainly in acrylics and oils.

I hope you enjoy looking at my website gallery. Even if you don't wish to buy any of my work I would appreciate comments about the website and any of the paintings you enjoyed looking at...

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